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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cal.phos for healthy bones

Also Known As: Calc Phos, Calcium Phosphate, Phosphate of Lime

Calcium phosphate is one of the main constituents of the bone cells – and the bones are where the new cells for the body are produced so you can see how important it is for the body to stay healthy and fit. With enough of this salt in your body, you can say goodbye to brittle bones.

Benefits/Uses of Calc Phos:

Bone and Joint Conditions:

As you would expect from this particular homeopathic remedy, it provides much help to those who suffer with either of these conditions. Calc phos can offer relief for the pain and stiffness that is common in the neck or back.

This may be due to arthritis, inflamed tendons, fractures, or even ligament sprains. If there is any abnormality in the bones such as bone spur or joints causing them to become immobile, this homeopathic remedy may be helpful for that as well.

An osteoporotic elderly woman in Japan.


An individual who suffers from extreme fatigue may also feel undernourished and just unwell overall. They often feel weak, exhausted, and be anemic as a result of all of this. They can become ill or may suffer from emotional stress as a result of this fatigue.


Calc phos works well if the teething process is slow or difficult to contend with. If the teeth that form are weak they may decay easily, then this homeopathic remedy would be recommended.

Unhealthy bones of the body and anemia are two of the main problems that follow from a deficiency of this cell salt. In infants, it could be that the fontanelles do not join for a long time and the teeth could make their appearance very late. During teething, children could suffer from a lot of pain, even convulsions. It could take a long time for damaged or broken bones to join together again. With bone growth being slow, children who need this salt and are not given it could stay stunted or have bow legs. In bad cases, it could even affect the spine which could become curved. Children who need this salt could also suffer from crusta lactea or hard crusts on the scalp.

Infants benefit a lot when they are given this tissue remedy at intervals when they are growing up even if they do not suffer from any of these problems. What is even better is if every pregnant mother took doses of this remedy right through pregnancy to ensure that the baby gets enough of this valuable salt to build strong bones

Growth Disorders:

Calc phos works as a homeopathic remedy for those children and adolescents that suffer from slow growth. Alternatively this homeopathic remedy may work for very rapid growth experienced during puberty that is often accompanied by numbness.

Head Pain:

These are usually severe headaches that have pain running along all of the joints of the cranium. These may very well intensify into migraines if left untreated.

Digestive Disorders:

Calc phos tends to work well as a homeopathic remedy for symptoms such as indigestion, pain after eating, and heartburn. It may be difficult to eat in general as there are often cramps, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea that come about just afterwards. This may even show up in babies as a difficulty in feeding.

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Monday, October 25, 2010

BC03 - Tonsilitis (Testimonial)

Kerap kali pesakit yang mengalami pembesaran tonsil, sama ada kanak-kanak atau dewasa pembedahan adalah jalan terakhir bagi membuang dan merawat tonsil. Tidak ada ubat yang khusus untuk mengecutkan tonsil yang membesar, hanya sekadar antibiotik.

"Kenapa la hospital tak ada ubat untuk kecutkan tonsil ?, depa hanya tau potong ja (surgeri)" rungut seorang ibu yang mempunyai anak lelaki berusia 8 tahun, tonsil anaknya sudah membesar sehingga kanak-kanak tersebut terpaksa mengangga mulutnya untuk memudahkan dia bernafas. "Insya Allah Homeopathy dan Biochemic boleh membantu, kami ada single remedy atau combination untuk tonsil" Saya memberi kenyakinan kepada ibu yang takut apabila mendengar anaknya akan di bedah untuk mengeluarkan tonsil. "Ada kes sebelum ini 4 hari dah kecut puan" saya menambah kenyakinan beliau dengan hasil yang positif dari kes-kes tonsil yang berjaya dirawat dan tidak perlu dibedah.

Fakta perubatan:

Apabila tonsil membesar dengan saiz yang amat be,sar suara kanak-kanak tersebut akan berubah, Ia di panggil suara "hot potato", bagi pengamal perubatan allopathy, ini adalah tanda tonsil tersebut perlu dibedah dan dibuang.

Bagaimana seseorang di diagnosakan mendapat radangan tonsil ?

Kanak kanak yang mengalami radang tonsil selalunya tidak sihat. Dia akan mengalami :-
  • Demam
  • Susah untuk menelan kerana sakit tekak
  • Nafas berbau busuk.
  • Bunyi suara yang ganjil
  • Kebengkakan pada kelenjar tekak

Kelenjar tekak akan kelihatan

  • Besar, merah dan kebiasaan terdapat tompok - tompok putih di atasnya.

Jangkitan lebih kepada sebab virus kalau kanak kanak itu mendapat batuk dan selsema

Ibu tadi begitu gembira dan tidak sabar-sabar untuk mendapatkan BC03... selepas 2 minggu .. " Salam doktor, bersyukur kepada Allah , anak saya tidak perlu dibedah. Doktor yang memriksa anak saya telah mengesahkan tonsil anak saya telah kecut!!, terima kasih doktor" saya menjawab ringkas tetapi dengan perasaan yang amat gembira " Terima kasih pada Allah puan... Alhamdulilah"